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/me decloaks; /aires.sys decloaks. [Nov. 17th, 2005|07:40 pm]
Hello again, dear LJ. My, it's been awhile, hasn't it? Time is the fire in which we all burn, and all that. To recap these last few months:

1) Ever increasing workload at work. How many projects can a part time "temperaroy employee" take on at once? Twelve. I'm down to nine now, hence the time to post.

2) As of two weeks ago, I was sitting pretty in school. Now, Much Work Is To Be Done. Anyone ever implement computer v. computer scrabble in C using nothing but vi, gcc (& assoc. libraries, nitpickers), and /usr/share/dict/words ? Thought not. [1]

3) Much concert goings on, and the beginnings of holiday travel season is upon us! Gah! [2]

For those of you on the nerdish side, if you haven't heard a word about "sony rootkit" in your daily surfing, you need to go read sysinternals.com/blog/ and that dammed wired article by Schneier. There hasn't been this much of a shitstorm since... umm, I'll say this rates somewhere between the first usenet spam and the morris worm in terms of shitstormness. Expect much of the excrement to be directed at First4Internet in the uk. Lazy buggers :)

[1] I swear, if someone pipes up with "you don't need vi, just edit inodes by hand, with magnets" I'll be forced to find a blunt object.
[2] Concertwise, I'll have seen Everclear, Metallica, The Rolling Stones, and Rob Thomas within 7 days. Hearing be dammed!

A special complication was that the gates on the north end of the tunnel
were made by a different company than the gates on the south end of the
tunnel, this caused "additional problems". Which ones, are left to the
comp.risks readers as an exercise.

[User Picture]From: whizistic
2005-11-18 02:46 pm (UTC)
oh, and no, never installed mandrake64, ever. My laptop runs suse 10 rather well at the moment.
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[User Picture]From: lawrencebacchus
2005-11-18 02:49 pm (UTC)
Yeah, win2k simply isnt cuttng the mustard...not that it ever did. The idea of another complete install on this machine makes my toes curl...the first one was difficult enough. Probably gonna have to have some sort of dual boot,...because ati simply refuses to make all in wonder software for linux...unless someone out there has ported it...I need to be able to use the tv/radio fuctions of my overly expensive video card. I feel very much out of the fold with linux...the last install I did on a machine was that crappy old dual intel cpu 666 thing I had.
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