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And a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all! [Dec. 26th, 2005|07:12 pm]
Well, this has been the most memorable christmas for years. Mostly memorable for all the wrong reasons, though.

Short story: My brother fell off a roof and broke some bones.

First off, some background. I live with my brother and his husband. They both work at techish jobs in major corporations. All of us went up north to the homeland for Christmas. On the land parcel immediately behind my childhood home, my OTHER brother (who has a wife and kids and works as a firefighter) is building a home to call his own. It's not done yet. It is very much a wooden shell, with many many leaks.

To try and limit the amount of water the interior receives, the roof-plywood is overlayed with many a blue tarp. During the recent rain & winds, several tarps were destroyed, and needed to be replaced. To do so, the brothers head out to the construction site. Perhaps a photo of the site would help:

The place where the brother fell The place where the brother fell

The lower roofline is the garage. About the fifth (rafter? truss?) at the (crown? peak?) is where the fall started. Total distance: 20 ft. Straight fall: 12ish feet.

Ten minutes later, one brother is running back to the house, popping in to say "Brian got injured, I need to take him to the hospital; he'll be okay" before popping back out to grab his trauma bags and throw them in the back of the truck, and driving off to the accident site, then on to the ER.

My mother, who is a former ER charge nurse (currently a radiology supervisor), is contacted and meets them at the hospital.

Several hours later, a very much more the worse for wear Brian is back at the house, boozed up on meds with a broken wrist and a shoulder on the opposite side with a hairline fracture. And bruises. Lots of bruises. Meanwhile, my other brother is busily dipping into the licker himself.

After a thorough after-action report, the following things will be done for all future construction work:

1) Trauma bags onsite
2) Radio or cellphone contact between house and site
3) Harnesses for all roof-work

So, things will be different around here for a while. Things could have been much worse. Be thankful for what you have, and grateful for when you keep it :)

More happier xmas post to come, detailing loot and etc.

From: alpinejunkie
2005-12-27 12:17 am (UTC)
That's good that everything turned out ok (relatively)... Certainly, if my brother had gotten on a roof this christmas, things would have been very bad. He sure likes his 7&7s...
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[User Picture]From: dragon5223
2005-12-27 10:46 am (UTC)
Licker? Huh, would mind trying some of that licker. j/k

Yeah, good thing everything is alright. I think thats a fear that most people have, falling of some relatively short height of somekind and receiving massive injuries.
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[User Picture]From: jasnyder
2005-12-27 05:35 pm (UTC)
Hey Austin...you would think that someone who is going to school and completing a computer science major would know that it's liquor...not licker, huh?
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