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Things I hate [Aug. 16th, 2006|09:10 pm]
[Current Location | 38°32'39.83"N 121°25'10.38"W]
[mood |drunkunsoberish]
[music |Breezy Windyness]


  • Utter Incompetence. As in, you've specified, multiple times, the SOP, the checklist, the known gotchas, and they still look at you like deer in headlights and call you when each dialog box pops up. No, not the users. The other techs. There's a reason why axes and quicklime were invented, and it wasn't gardening.

  • Queery queer queers. The ones that can't talk about anything except for prada, hot guys, and xanax.

  • The position of the windows key. Fucker always gets in the way.

  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Yes. It SUCKS. Sorry.

  • Fake friends that are only out for their own self-interest. (Okay, that'd be all friends, honestly... but still... less obvious? please?)

  • Waiting on other people to make a decision/get the ball rolling/make the first move. Granted, who doesn't hate that, right? Remind me to be the initiator more often in the future.

  • Getting drawn into arguments I care not about.

  • Vaginas. They scare me :)

  • Wondering what Salomon is thinking when he reads this.

  • Drunk LJ posting that you'll set to private later, after the entire free world has already commented on it, and referenced it in other posts.

  • AOL. Truly, a set of users within the set of all retards.

  • Being alone.

[User Picture]From: jgp
2006-08-17 05:47 pm (UTC)
Hey, we hate a bunch of the same things! No wonder we get along so well. Conspiratorially well, almost, sometimes, or so it seems. =) You've missed out on some great conversations regarding the Halloween costume, BTW - I *somehow* forgot to put you and Jon in touch, imagine that. ;-)

Oh yeah, and it's nice to live in a state now where people don't automatically assume that Sierra Nevada is good simply because it comes from Chico, and all the frat boys (who can afford it) drink it. Hell, I've only seen ONE place that actually serves it up here - and it was on the menu down with the Bud and Coors and such. Quite nice.

See ya soon - if you can't make it up to Tahoe in a few weeks, I'm still gonna come track you down before I have to fly back home, if you're in town. Dan can't come down with me, which is a crying shame. =(
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