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Trip to Starbucks. Riiight. [Nov. 18th, 2001|01:18 am]
[mood |coldfsckin freezing!]
[music |Hanson - Middle of Nowhere - Yearbook]

Here we go again

Jess, Heater, Justin, Renee, and myself were hanging out at starbucks when...

We ran into Maxx at discovery village. He was going for pizza at Luigi's as we were on our way out to eat, so all of us got together for some choice cookin' at some mexican place. Luckily, since I abhor mexican food (though not mexicans) I already had eaten, so I just kinda munched on tortilla chips as Justin made a fool of himself.

Afterwards, we decided to rent a movie from Hollywood (the store, not the cities). Though we got lost on the way there, (Sollywood, Showtime, Blockbuster, Justin's house, all the same, right?) We eventually picked out (insert name of funny movie here) and went to Justin's to watch it. It was indeed pretty funny. I took the pictures of everyone while they were mostly watching the film.

Immediately afterwards, Justin decided to see if he could stick a fully inflated beach ball down his pants. Yes he can.

Further afterwards, we all went out to the convention center to "skateboard" [1]. Somehow Jess managed to lock the keys in my car whilst the ignition was in ACC. I will never understand how that is possible in a 2001 Honda Civic. I actively tried to do it once, and I couldn't figure out a way to still have the keys in the ignition and be able to lock the doors [2]. She, however, pulled it off somehow. Kudos, Jess :).

[1] skateboard - watch Renee and Justin try to skateboard. everyone else refuses to even get on one.

[2] though I did discover the "keys in ignition" alarm overrides the "headlights on" alarm. Presumably, since you can't (jess notwithstanding) lock the doors with the key in, some good samaritan will come about and turn your headlights off for you, since your doors are unlocked. Presumably after that they'll take the keys out of the ignition, toss them on your seat, and then lock the doors. or maybe they won't turn off the headlights [3].

[3] In my previous car, I left the headlights on once [4]. The battery was dead, and I called AAA. However, while waiting for AAA I then managed to lock the keys in the car. And it was raining. I am a wet genius. (stupid people would call AAA back and ask for another call)

[4] More than once actually (about 5 times) which translates to 1/3 of the breakdowns in that car. (1 tire, 1 engine, 8 electrical system failures, including batteries(3), alternator, several fuses(3), and a fusable link, possibly brought on by the many times I left the headlights on. Thank god for Honda and their engineers, who still apparently need to revisit the door locks with key in dabacle).

Movie watching Movie watching

Jess, Heater, Renee, and Justin watch a movie. It was funny.
Movie watching, part deux Movie watching, part deux

Bill, Jess, Heater, Renee, and Justin's leg.
Justin's head Justin's head

Justin, head only, with his fat tounge sticking out.
Jess and pron Jess and pron

Jess, catching up on her softcore gay pron.
Pregnant Justin Pregnant Justin

His air will break any day, and give birth to a healthy baby ball.
All of us, but Renee All of us, but Renee

At the convention center. Maxx, me, Jess, Justin up high, Heater.


[User Picture]From: polisciguy101
2004-11-03 12:32 am (UTC)

you know whats funny billma

yes i graduated you from billiam to billma.. but like i was saying.. i dont remember you ASKING if you could put me on your friends list... JK ... "welcome to the insanity" (that was what my very first reply to my very first entry was!!!)
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