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Another story from work [Feb. 3rd, 2005|03:34 pm]
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I was digging through my pictures directory and found one with a story to share. Some may have heard it before, but it's a good story, so neeeah! Bear in mind that I was not directly a part of this; it didn't occur on my watch, so to speak.

I shall now revert to my rambling writing style:

Over the weekend (long long ago) E and Mumbler caught their first vandal at EHS. The two were out of town returning from a Frys expedition or something when they stopped to get some gas in Williams. At this time, E elects to turn on his work cell phone.

Now, we are fancy in the tech dept, and have a piece of software, appropriately called big brother, that watches over the critical infrastructure and sends SMS pages to cellphones when all is not peachy. Hence, E receives 4 pages, one each saying that the core router, core switch, server, and UPS have stopped responding.

The timestamp says about noon-thirty on saturday, and it is now about 10 am on sunday, so they decide to stop by EHS and check it out. Based on previous experience, this series of pages could mean that either the DS-3, one of the routers on either side, or the EHS site power has failed. Given the amount of remodeling going on at EHS (and the unique non-UL approved method of getting current to the UPS), all bets were on power.

Upon arriving at EHS, the interior (which has been under extensive renovation for several weeks) looked even more like Beirut then is typical. Think orange (wash-off) construction spray paint with obscenities written throughout the halls, fire extinguisher dust everywhere, 5 foot high letters on the roof that spell "fuck you" & etc.

Also used was several gallons of pant, once in 5 gal buckets, which was thrown across the attendance office, spattering into the monitor of a pc, and walls and such. The crown was the case of oil that was for the tractor, which was poured into the pool. Concrete mix was made and poured down drains, salt poured into keyboards, monitors spraypainted over, then coated again with spray adhesive.

Then they found the safe.

They must have spent several hours using hammers, screwdrivers, and other assorted tools to attempt to open the safe.

They managed to peel the metal off the door slightly, but then had to crack through the concrete type stuff used for fireproofing said safe.

It must have been late, so they went home. I forgot to mention the UPS was running off of a long extension cord which was severed with an axe (Why didn't they use the axe on the safe?!). I hope the 220v scared the shit outta the bastards. Anyway, the UPS failure caused the rest of the equipment to fail after an hour or so, hence the pages from big brother.

So there E and Mumbler are, in the midst of this destruction, and they make some phone calls. The director of maintenance comes over, cursing as only a 60 year old sailor can. The three of them are looking at sawdust that was poured into an air conditioner when they hear footsteps.

The three break up and trap the kids in the main hall, with Max (dir of maintenance) on once side and two nerds on the other. The kids make a break for the nerds.

Mumbler tackles the 15 yo group home escapee and E takes care his 12 yo friend. Police are called. Arrests are made. The safe remained unopened, not that it was really designed to stop anyone, mostly we got it for the fire protection.

But what was so important in the safe?

Backup tapes. Backup audit logs. A couple pens, some rubber bands, and a small post-it stack. Incidentally, we also found a phillips screwdriver, which they had apparently hammered all the way through the door.

It's a good thing they didn't get it open to discover that, otherwise the school would be in flames or something. I'm pretty sure they'd be pissed that there wasn't money or a digital camera or something in there.

The safe safe

After about four hours of inexpert attention, this safe has suffered from the classic "peel" attack.
The safe safe

How did we recover our precious backup tapes? A flat crowbar and about ten seconds of force popped that door right open.

[User Picture]From: tf5_bassist
2005-02-05 12:32 pm (UTC)
no shit, eh?? :D
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