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Whohoo! [Feb. 7th, 2005|04:56 pm]

I was going to post about how crappy my computer arch teacher is at teaching, but I've since found better things things to talk about.

I got a job!

Not only did I get a job, but I got a job that's:

-Fun! [1]
-No extra learning! [2]
-Well paid! [3]
-Part time! [4]
-Excellent fringe benefits! [5]

So I'm totally stoked. I did a cartwheel. It makes me feel good to be needed. Hopefully I'll be less bored now.

[1] As "fun" as tech support/network ops can get, anyway. I thrive on stress.
[2] This is all stuff I've done before. Just need to memorize new names, passwords, ip allocation... hey! This is learning! gah!
[3] Based on my prev. experience, they maxxed me out on the Intern scale. Much to modest to mention the exact figure.
[4] No more than 20 hrs a week, probably closer to 16. Unfortunately, this will expose me to rush hour traffic from downtown. DAMMIT!
[5] Many special passes which mere mortals are not to be entrusted with.

[User Picture]From: whizistic
2005-02-07 10:20 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I wish you luck in your choir endeavours. Bear in mind that it took them exactly three weeks from the time of the interview to get around to calling me. :)
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